The "abo" is a microserver with 0.25vCore, 256MB RAM, 5GB data storage and SSH root access.
These resources are enough to host a small home or business site, to run your lambda, zeta or kappa functions or to build a microservice to notify you about the next visit of the mother-in-law, etc. These resourses are the basic quantum. The rest of abos are multiplied by it.
The Abo1 is the basic computational unit for deploying microservices, sites, apps, etc

The abo can jump from host to host, from cloud provider to provider, from continent to continent, so the purpose of the Abos network is to stay alive and online

Note: for security reasons every Abo has a 2GB memory limit

After succesful payment if you are a new user send me email please at [email protected] with your public SSH key and I'll respond you with link to your git repo linked to your abo. Then with every "git push" your abo will be restarted. Also you can ssh to your abo and install software yourself. The abo is created once and only restarted, etc

The prices are subject to change

All prices are final incl. Stripe fee

This service is offered by Tondy,Inc a Delaware corp.

Terms and condiions: Use this service to make GOOD and not EVIL. TODO...